10 Reasons Why 50+ Is Fabulous

50+ and fabulous is a phrase you hear frequently these days. As a woman who is approaching 50 myself I love that more and more women are embracing their age and clearly rocking it! 50 is not the new 30, it really is the new 50 where you feel comfortable in your own skin even if it has a few more wrinkles, you worry less about what other people think, you have the wisdom of those 50 years behind you…. I titled this post “10 Reasons Why 50 is Fabulous” but instead of listing them all, I’ll just share these beautiful portraits of an incredible 52 year old woman, Tammie. She’s a busy woman with a family and a full time job and I’m so glad she could take the time to do something special just for herself. Obviously she’s beautiful but I think her confidence and self assurance makes her even more so. So here’s 10 photos that show how fabulous 50+ can be.

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