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Boudoir For 50+ & Fabulous

While some people may think that boudoir photography is only for younger women, the truth is that women of all ages can benefit from boudoir.  In 2022 over half of my clients were 50+. 

The top 5 reasons I think women 50+ should consider boudoir. 

  1. Celebrating your body: As women age, our bodies change, and some of these changes may be perceived negatively. A boudoir photo session can help you celebrate your body and all the amazing things it has done over the years. This can be a powerful reminder that your body is beautiful and worthy of being celebrated, no matter your age.

  2. Boosting confidence: As we get older, we may start to feel less confident about our appearance. Our bodies are changing and a lot and many of us experiencing hormonal changes due to menopause.  A boudoir photo session can be a powerful way to boost your confidence and remind yourself that you are beautiful and desirable.

  3.  It can be a chance to do something out of the ordinary and indulge in a little self-care. It can also be a way to explore your sensual side and feel empowered by your sexuality.  Just because you are 5-+ does not mean you don’t “got it going on”.

  4. A gift for yourself or your partner: A boudoir photo session can be a great gift for yourself or your partner. If you’re in a long-term relationship, a boudoir photo album can be a way to reignite the spark and celebrate your love. And even if you’re single, a boudoir photo session can be a way to treat yourself and feel confident and sexy.

  5. Creating lasting memories: A boudoir photo album can be a beautiful and lasting memory of a special moment in your life. It can be something that you look back on with pride and joy, and that reminds you of your strength and beauty.  There’s no reason you can’t celebrate this stage in your life.  Recording moments in time are not just for 20 somethings!

Overall, a boudoir photo session can be a powerful and transformative experience for a woman over 50. It can be a way to celebrate your body, boost your confidence, feel empowered, and create lasting memories.  So don’t ever think you are too old for boudoir.  I encourage you to reach out to learn more about my studio and the boudoir experience I offer.  Call/text 703-661-9171 or email directly or just fill in the contact form below.