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Boudoir After Weight Loss Surgery

Women decide to do a boudoir session for many different reasons.  One of those reasons is to celebrate a weight loss journey after bariatric surgery.  Many of my clients want to showcase their new bodies and reward themselves for achieving their weight loss goals.  If you’re a woman that’s lost a significant amount of weight you know that often times you  have other concerns about your new body.  

One of the biggest concerns I see is about loose skin.  Loose skin is most apparent on the abdomen, thighs, and arms.  It’s definitely important to choose outfits that offer good support of the torso and fit without being too tight.  Many bodysuits come with more modest coverage with long sleeves if you are very self conscious about your arms.  Because I use soft lighting and use camera settings that provide a softer look, wrinkly skin is really not a concern.  Like any client, I will pose you to accentuate things you love about yourself and focus less on what you don’t.  

Another concern many have is about visible scars from skin removal surgery.  It is very easy to edit or soften the look of incisions or erase them altogether.  Of course, I always encourage clients to not remove them.  Embracing your “flaws” and realizing they don’t define you is very empowering!

So if you’re a woman that’s been on a weight loss journey I would love for you to consider doing boudoir session.  Feel free to email me at or just call/text me at 703-661-9171.


grey haired woman wearing black bodysuit posing on couch in boudoir studio