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Boudoir Studio Shower Set

Boudoir photography is the sole focus of our Alexandria studio.  Focusing on a very specific and specialized niche of photography has allowed the studio to really streamline poses and sets that we know our clients will love.  Since the studio is small we maximize our sets and try to design options that provide women with a variety of looks and styles.  One of our favourite sets for women looking to do something nude but tasteful is our shower set. 

The studio shower is not even really a shower and when most clients realize how it works I always get a laugh.  It definitely does not involve a shower or even any water all!  I love the shower set up because it’s a beautiful way to showcase your body in a very artistic and sensual way.  The only stipulation about the shower is that clients need to be naked since I personally don’t think wearing lingerie in a shower makes any sense at all. 

We always save this set until the very last because most clients become less worried about being naked as the session goes on.  I don’t know exactly what happens but I see it unfolding almost every time.  Women who arrive shaking and nervous are suddenly tossing their outfits around the studio laughing and not worrying at all about their bodies.  This is the empowerment effect of doing a boudoir session.  So I encourage clients that love their bodies and want to show them off in a tasteful way to consider our hot steamy shower!