FAQ- Your Questions About Boudoir Photography Answered

The cost for a boudoir session depends on how many photos you purchase from your session and in what format you wish to display them. What you spend is 100% up to you. Packages start with a 15 image album because I want clients to have a beautiful product that features a variety of poses and looks.  Considering I’ll be photographing you in 3-4 outfits that isn’t very many images per set.  Most clients purchase 30-40 images from their sessions.  Payment plans are available at no interest.  The Session Fee to Book is $390.

Boudoir is for all women regardless of your weight or how old you are. I do require that clients be 21 or older. My clients range in age from about 25 to 60. It doesn’t matter your relationship status since boudoir is really a gift just for you.

The studio is located in Alexandria Virginia not far from I-495. Sessions are weekdays at 10am which helps with traffic.

After you are finished with your 1 hour makeover it will just be the two of us in the studio. Privacy is very important. My studio is cozy so it’s the perfect place for women to feel safe.

We do a Zoom viewing and photo ordering session on Sunday following your session. If you can’t do Sunday then options are anytime afternoon or evening the following week. You will see over 100 fully retouched photos in color and black and white.

Images are kept private unless clients would like to share them. A model release would be signed if you allow your photos to be shown on social media or my website.

Absolutely not! I will direct you into every pose and help you make beautiful photos. You don’t need to do anything special, just follow my detailed instructions.

I know many women struggle with figuring out what to wear for their boudoir sessions. I send a very detailed guide on where to shop for outfits I know look good and match the sets I have in my studio. You only need 3 lingerie looks and we can add in a set with just a sheet or do nudes depending on your comfort level.

Nudity in the studio is entirely up to you. I find that as the session goes on we are laughing and having so much fun you won’t mind getting naked. Boudoir is about seeing your body in a new way and artistic nudes or implied nudes are a great way to boost self confidence. Many clients opt to not do any nudes.

If I waited for clients to lose weight before their session I wouldn’t have a business! Boudoir is about embracing the body you have not some idealized future version. Woman are very critical about their appearance and boudoir is a great way to silence that inner voice that is always telling you that you aren’t enough the way you are.