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Favorite Boudoir Poses With Our Egg Chair

Over the years the studio has developed some great boudoir poses for our clients.  A great pose is a mix of many factors but pleasing shapes, good expression, and hand placement all can make or break a pose.  If you want to read more about the Top Three Poses for all body types you can click here

Our wicker egg chair is the latest addition to our Alexandria boudoir studio.  It adds a fun bohemian vibe to the session.  It’s almost the size of a sofa so it’s perfect for a range of posing options for all women.  We also love the chair because it’s a great opportunity to wear something more casual like off the shoulder sweaters or more bohemian styles of lingerie.  The best poses in the chair really show off legs and the backside and I know clients always love these images.  We edit these photos with a warmer tone and although we show all of the photos to clients in color and black and white, color is the sure winner with the chair!

This chair comes in a variety of styles but we chose this large size oval shape from .  It was their best selling chair in 2020 and we know why!