Reason # 3- To Celebrate Your Hard Work

One of the most popular reasons I see clients decide to take the plunge into Boudoir is to celebrate their hard work staying in shape. We all know the pressures of trying to look good, putting in the hours at the gym or attending spin or yoga classes.  It’s hard work!  It takes motivation and dedication to stick to healthy eating and exercise.  The pay off of course is not only looking good but feeling good too.  It’s about your health and committing to an active and productive life as you age.  Of course this is all easier said than done or my friends and I wouldn’t spend countless hours talking about the latest diet trend or sharing tips on how to lose some pounds.

One of the best aspects of my job as a Boudoir photographer is helping women to feel better about their bodies.  It is difficult to be partially clothed in front of a camera and I rarely have a client that isn’t nervous about how she looks.  Once in a while though a woman arrives in my studio ready to rock that lingerie.  That was certainly the case with Amanda.  She booked a session as an anniversary gift for her fiance but also as a gift to herself.  She’s lost 100 pounds in the last two years!  Her session was so much fun.  She told me later “It definitely helps on days when I am not feeling so great about my body to remember the photo shoot or look at the pictures, which was a lot of fun and a a great confidence boost”.

Thank you Amanda for sharing your story.