The Top Reasons Why Women Book My Boudoir Sessions

You may have always wanted to do one, but have been terrified at the thought of stripping down in front of someone unknown…not to mention that unknown someone is pointing a camera at you. Here I’ve listed a few reasons why most of my clients decide to take the leap into boudoir.

1.  To look amazing. No selfies here.  Professional hair and makeup, styling, lighting, and posing all ensure you look the best you ever have!

Kellie Frye Photography

2. To do something special for themselves.  You won’t find a better way to do something unique and special for yourself.  My boudoir sessions are all about pampering and getting away from it all.  My studio is a cozy space where you can let the outside world go even for just a few hours.

Classic boudoir pose

3.   To take advantage of their hard work.  Many of my clients work hard at the gym, yoga studio, Cross-fit or have recently lost a large amount of weight.  Some clients are brides to be working hard to get in shape before the big day.   Boudoir sessions are a great way to celebrate reaching your fitness goals and showing off your efforts.

pin up kellie frye photography
Sexy Curves

4.  To dress up.   Boudoir sessions are a great opportunity to wear fun outfits.  It’s about fantasy and creating a mood with clothes and styling.  From lacy lingerie to cotton t-shirts, half the fun is planning what you’ll wear as we work together to style your session.


5.  It boosts your self esteem.  One of the perks of my job as a boudoir photographer is the ability to empower women to see themselves in a new way.  Spending a few hours acting like a supermodel does wonders for your self confidence. Women are terrible critics of themselves.  Don’t you wish you could go back to the person you were ten or twenty years ago and tell her to stop making so much fuss about her body!


6. It’s a great gift for someone special.  Boudoir albums are an awesome gift for any groom, husband, or significant other.  Boudoir sessions are a great way to celebrate those important milestones like anniversaries.  However, keep in mind that someone special can also just be you.


7.  It’s way more fun than you think!  It’s hard to explain but being in front of the camera posing and hamming it up is just fun.  Trust me!


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