Experience the art of Northern Virginia Boudoir Photography with a woman exuding elegance and sensuality as she reclines on a bed in high heels.

So you booked a boudoir session and now you’re worried about how to pose.  I get it!  My clients aren’t models and they usually have never done anything like a boudoir session before.  Understandably, I get a lot of questions about posing.  I promise I am an expert at posing all body types and direct clients into every pose.  However, there are 3 important tips that can make your boudoir photos even better.

A woman with tattoos laying on a blue couch.
A woman lounging on a couch for Northern Virginia Boudoir Photography.
  1.  Soft hands!  I like to use the term “ballet hands”  to give clients an idea of what I mean.  Hands should be relaxed and fingertips just barely touching your face/chest/leg when directed to do so. Almost every boudoir pose I do in the studio involves the hands. 
  2.  Pointed toes!  Toes should be pointed in every photo to ensure legs look long and lean.  Even if your feet aren’t visible in the images pointing your toes can make a difference. Pointing your toes has the same effect on your legs as wearing high heels (which is sort of like pointing your toes), it helps accentuate the definition of your legs or just makes them look longer.  Wearing a nude heel will add even more length!
A woman in lingerie on a bed.
A woman in red lingerie laying on a rug.

3.  Relaxed mouth!  This is the number one thing clients need to do for great boudoir photos.  I know it seems strange to have your mouth open for many photos but just dropping down your bottom lip and breathing through your mouth can make a photograph look so sensual. These ladies look like they are having a moment but actually I just asked them to close their eye and open their mouths.  Super simple!

A woman in a red lingerie laying on a bed.
A woman lying on a bed with her eyes closed.

So that’s 3 boudoir posing tips to keep in mind for your boudoir session.  A professional boudoir photographer is going to be able to guide you into every pose and notice little details that you might not think about. 

If you’re interested in learning about doing your own boudoir session just reach out.  Feel free to email me at kellie@kelliefrye.com or call/text me at 703-661-9171.

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