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$10,000 Client Closet

Our Alexandria Virginia Boudoir Studio Now Offers Lingerie To Clients

After working with hundreds of women over the years we decided to take the plunge this Spring and offer a client closet.  This was a final step in providing women an exceptional experience in our studio.  We took all of the worry and anxiety about shopping for lingerie out of the equation.  Of course, if clients want to bring their own outfits they absolutely can.  We provide a comprehensive shopping guide that explains what works best for our sets and things to be mindful of when trying to choose from the many options available.

A woman in a lingery laying on a blue couch.

Putting together the closet was a big undertaking and expense so we gave gave it real thought and did our research.  Over the years we’ve been collecting shopping links from clients when they bring something we love.  We’ve seen first hand outfits that work well and ones that don’t (babydolls anyone?).  We also invested in quality lingerie that is well built for providing our curvy clients the best support.  

A woman in black lingeries laying on a yellow couch.

 We can’t wait to play dress up with you!  Reach out if you’d like to learn more about boudoir and the experience we offer in our Alexandria Virignia boudoir studio.  Call 703-661-9171, email or just fill out the contact form here on the website.