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Boudoir To Celebrate Your Hard Work

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Lany.  She has been working hard over the last year to lose weight and feel healthier.  She had decided that once she hit a milestone of losing 100 pounds she would book a boudoir session.  It was so inspiring to hear her amazing story.  I was very flattered she chose our studio.  Here’s what Lany had to say about her session.

“Last week I had the pleasure to have a photo session with Kellie and what an experience it was. I have always wanted to do a Boudoir session, but life and my confidence held me back. I have been on a life transformation journey the past couple of years and told myself that when I hit two major milestones I would do a boudoir session. First milestone..turning 50, I was not going to let that number hold me back, I did not feel like I was 50. My second big milestone, losing 100 pounds, even though I still have a lot more to lose, those 100 pounds are has been a huge accomplishment for me. So between turning 50 and losing 100 pounds I was feeling good about myself, my confidence was coming back, and I felt young again. My photo session with Kellie made me feel sexy and vibrant. I had my viewing session yesterday and oh my ladies, I was blown away. I was on cloud nine all night, I felt so empowered and sexy, my confidence was soaring. Kellie and her team were amazing and made me feel amazing, the experience was beyond anything I expected. Thank you Kellie and your team…are beyond amazing.”-Lany L