You are currently viewing 7 Questions You Should Ask A Boudoir Photographer (And 1 Question You Shouldn’t Ask)-Update 2023

7 Questions You Should Ask A Boudoir Photographer (And 1 Question You Shouldn’t Ask)-Update 2023

7 Questions To Help You Choose The Right Boudoir Photographer For Your Boudoir Session-And 1 Question You Shouldn't Ask

You have a lot of options out there when trying to choose the right photographer for your boudoir photos. Here is a list of  7 questions to help you determine if you and the photographer are a good fit.  Here’s my updated list for 2023


1. How Do You Help Me Prepare For A Boudoir Session?

It’s very important that your photographer guide you each step of the way. Boudoir sessions aren’t like portrait sessions where you just show up in your favorite dress and create amazing images. It’s important to know the exactly what to expect during your session.  Feeling prepared before your boudoir session will help you feel excited and ready instead of nervous and scared.  I prepare clients with a lot of information leading up to their session.  In my experience, explaining what will happen and providing encouragement up until the day of the shoot helps prevent clients from getting nervous and backing out of their planned session.

2. How Much Will My Boudoir Session Cost?

 Boudoir photography is an investment but there are a range of pricing options and business models out there.   Like any large purchase you make you should have an idea of what you will be spending.  Cost is usually what most clients ask about first.  I think this is because as consumers we have been conditioned to want to know “How Much Is It?” when we are unsure what else to inquire about.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to know how much something is but it’s important to keep in mind there’s so much more that goes into buying a product than just cost.  I’m very transparent about my pricing and you will see exactly all of the products and services I offer before your session date.

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3. How Long Do I Have To Wait To See My Boudoir Photos?

Photographers offer a range of options for clients.  My studio is one of the only in the area to offer same day viewing and ordering of your photos.  Being able to allow clients to see their images the same day in just a few hours after the shoot is something I’ve been working towards for several years.  My experience as a boudoir photographer means I don’t need days and weeks to tweak your photos before you see them.  You will be amazed at how amazing your photos look without extensive editing.  

4. Will My Boudoir Photos Be Edited Or Retouched?

Again, there are many options out there and clients should definitely find a photographer that fits what they are looking for in regards to finished images.  We will talk beforehand about the level of retouching you are looking for. I believe in body positivity so I want you to look like the most amazing version of yourself, not a completely different person. I remove remove scars, cellulite, stretch marks, etc if you have requested that. Good photos start in the camera, editing is only used to put the final touch on your beautiful photos.  Since I offer same day viewing the first images you see will be lightly edited to smooth skin and enhance color tone.  Further editing is available and something we discuss in person at your viewing.  Many clients love the photos they see same day and don’t even feel further editing is needed.  


5.  Who Will Be Present During The Boudoir Session?

I’ve recently started worked with an assistant for shoot days.  My assistant helps clients with wardrobe and keeps an eye on details during the shoot like hair placement.  It’s great to have an extra pair of hands to assist and the three of us hanging out together is like a fun girls day out!

6. How Many Outfits Should I Bring To My Boudoir Session?

Well now that my studio offers clients access to our $10,000 client, you actually don’t have to bring a thing to your shoot.  You are still welcome to bring outfits you love and it’s not required that you use our lingerie. My preference is 4 lingerie looks and then implied/nude set depending on your comfort level.   I do encourage clients to consider getting naked!  It’s boudoir and about embracing your unique beauty.  My nudes are usually clients favorite photos! 

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7. Will My Boudoir Photos Be Kept Private?

I know that privacy is of utmost concern for many people considering boudoir photography. While I hope you’ll feel empowered to show off your images, I understand if they do not want to. Your photos are kept strictly private unless you allow me to share them.

“Can I just get the digitals?”

In this digital age I know my clients place a great value on owning digital files of their beautiful photos. I completely understand and offer the option to purchase high and low resolution files of your favorite images. However, I’m old fashioned and believe very strongly that your photos should be printed. How many people do you know that have a USB stick or CD of their wedding photos that have never seen the light of day?  Because I feel very strongly about the importance of printing your beautiful photos, my packages start with printed images like custom designed leather albums and prints.

Obviously there are many other questions you should ask your potential photographer but this is a good start. I hope this has helped you!

If you are considering a boudoir session but don’t feel ready yet to commit I encourage you to join my Private VIP FB Group Beauty & Boudoir. It is a small but growing group of body positive women interested in boudoir. It features testimonials from past clients and motivation to be the #boudoirbeauty I know you are!  

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