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Shopping For Boudoir Lingerie

One of the biggest concerns clients have is What To Wear.  I send out a very comprehensive What To Wear Guide that covers all kinds of concerns you should think about when shopping for lingerie for a boudoir session.  The guide includes many online sites with links for specific outfits that I know photograph well and that clients love. 

If you have the time and the inclination to venture out shopping I do encourage all of my clients to seek professional help when considering lingerie purchases.  Lingerie plays a key role in creating amazing photos and it says a lot about your personality and your style.  There’s so much more available for women of all shapes and sizes than there ever was before.  You definitely get a lot out of someone elses expertise in this area.

In Northern Virginia I love Lotus Blooms in Old Town Alexandria.  They will work with you like a personal shopper to find unique and beautiful outfits that fit your style and body type.


I recently had the opportunity to meet with Stephanie Janek, the owner of Le Bustiere in Adams Morgan.  Le Bustiere offers a wide range of lingerie in a range of prices and styles.  More importantly though, they are experts at fitting an outfit for your body type.  You can see more of their incredible clothing here