Plus Size Boudoir Photography

Plus Size Boudoir Photography?  Is that really what I have to call it?  As I sit down to write this post I keep thinking about the term “plus size”.  I’m not quite sure how to handle this term as it seems rather sticky labeling women based on their body shape and size.  I don’t call my skinny clients “minus size”.   In a business where I deal closely with women that struggle with body image issues labels like “plus size” somehow seem wrong.  One look through Instagram though and I can see there are brilliant women out there that have taken this phrase and embraced it.  There’s an entire industry growing around larger women becoming role models talking about body positivity.  They seem to own the term “plus size” and are inspiring thousands of women.  I love this movement and I want all women to have body positivity regardless of their shape and size.

So honestly,  I can think of a ton of other terms that better describe these women.  I love “curvy” and “voluptuous” but in truth these are not terms that women use to search for photographers online.  If I used those terms I would miss out on so many women looking online for a boudoir photographer that can help them show off those curves.  So I hope my Curvy and Voluptuous clients that have allowed me to share their images don’t mind.

For this post I’m featuring Tonja, a gorgeous woman and  a talented makeup artist located in Washington DC.  You can follow her here or on IG as @facesbytonja

She arrived to the studio in true #boudoirbeauty fashion with a suitcase full of amazing outfits and jewelry.  I had such a hard time choosing what she should wear!  Of course, she had told me ahead of time that her hair was silver so I set up the studio with grey bedding and props to showcase this look for her.  Halfway through the session, she switched up her look with a fun silver wig.  I loved her images so much and know that she did too.  Her confidence and fun attitude really translated to beautiful images.  I couldn’t be happier with this session.


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