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Do I Need To Lose Weight Before Doing A Boudoir Session?

Do I Need To Lose Weight Before Doing A Boudoir Session?

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So, do you need to lose weight before doing a boudoir session? 100% absolutely NOT!!! 

 “I want to do a boudoir session but would like to lose some weight first”. That is a refrain I hear from potential clients time and time again –– women who are afraid they are not good enough in their current size for whatever reason. 

Women used to tell me that they felt they could never look as good as the women they saw on my website. That’s why we decided to showcase our portfolio as only Before and Afters (which we like to call a Day-Diva look!). So women could see that our clients are real women just like them: real women with real bodies.  


As a woman, I understand the struggle with that number on the scale. Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to discourage you from a weight loss journey, especially if it’s for your health or mental well being. But the “weight” I encourage you to lose is that burden you’ve placed on yourself to have a “perfect” body. The burden to live up to some beauty standard that we are slowly realizing is wrong and destructive to our mental health. Imagine a world full of confident women that truly believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  

I know the idea of doing a boudoir session can seem scary to many women. The very reason that it feels so empowering to do a boudoir session is the same reason it does seem a bit terrifying… because you are putting yourself in a very vulnerable position. You will be almost naked getting your photos taken by someone you have never met! However, I encourage my clients to use this opportunity to take back control of how you feel about yourself.  

Remember, boudoir is about embracing the body you have. You are unique so stop comparing yourself to others and learn to see just how amazing you are. After showing hundreds of women their finished images, I am 100% certain you will love yours. I promise.

If you’d like to learn more about boudoir please get in touch! You can contact me through the website at or call 703-661-9171 I can’t wait to hear from you!