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Boudoir Session With Kanak

When I first started working with women in a studio I had the pleasure to shoot Kanak for a glamour style portrait session.  I was just starting out and not really sure what I was doing but she was a good sport about my trial and error posing.  I was just experimenting a bit with boudoir and asked her if she might want to do a few of those shots.  She was extremely nervous  and unsure but we did a few and they are still some of my favorite images (and hers too I’m pretty sure).  So fast forward about 5 years and Kanak reached out again to do a session.   This time she wanted to do a full boudoir set without limitations or fears. 

Some women will look at her photos and think “well she is beautiful and has a great body, why would she be nervous about boudoir”.  Well, I can tell you that it doesn’t matter what you look like or what size you are, most women have lived a lifetime of being told what beautiful should be and even my skinniest clients have insecurities about their appearance. Regardless, I think Kanak’s security and confidence that has grown over the last years made for some incredible photos.