Top 3 Lingerie Colors For Boudoir

Top 3 Lingerie Colors For Boudoir

Top 3 Colors To Wear For Your Boudoir Session

There’s a lot of options out there when deciding what to wear for your boudoir photo session.  Most of our clients have no idea where to even start when it comes to finding something to wear.  Of course you want lingerie to look sexy and make you feel beautiful but it also needs to fit your body type and look good in photographs.  Over the years we’ve put together a very comprehensive What To Wear guide that directs clients to online sites and local lingerie stores ( ) which we provide to all of our clients.


Besides lingerie that fits, it’s important that clothing has special details that are showcased in the different studio sets.  On the blue couch, for instance, a lot of poses show the back of the outfit and we encourage clients to consider items with interesting details on your booty!

One of the biggest things that can impact how your photos look in photos is the color.


Although most women think of black when first considering lingerie we strongly encourage you to consider our Top 3 Favorite Colors For Boudoir;  Red, Blue, & Green.  These colors look stunning on all of our clients and help to create some really Wow images in the studio.  Don’t take our word for it….just check out these beautiful women!



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