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Bridal Boudoir: Three Questions Brides Should Ask When Considering A Boudoir Session

So you’re getting married, congratulations!! If you’re reading this article you’ve likely just heard about boudoir photography and are probably interested in learning more about it.

Maybe you’ve come across some beautiful bridal images on IG or FB.  Maybe your curiosity was piqued after hearing a friend talk about their own boudoir session and how confident it made them feel.  Whatever the reason, a boudoir photo session is an amazing experience that helps women  feel great about their bodies.  It’s also a perfect choice for brides looking to do something special for themselves and their special someone. 

Answer our questions below to see if a boudoir session before your wedding is right for you!

A woman in a wedding dress laying on a bed.


#1: Do You Want To Record This Moment In Your Life?

Big things are happening!! You are getting married which is a major life event. This is a time when you’re beaming with excitement and there’s no better time to consider doing a boudoir session. 

Creating beautiful images of you, right now in your life, is the perfect reason to consider doing a boudoir session. You’ll look back and smile as you remember this special moment.

A beautiful bride in a veil posing for a photo.

#2: Do You Want To Feel Empowered?

Creating beautiful and intimate images of yourself is very empowering.  We know that a boudoir photo shoot is outside most women’s comfort zone but that’s exactly why women feel so confident afterwards.  Our mission is for every woman to look at themselves in the mirror without judgement or negativity.

We specialize in helping women create sexy and classy photos of themselves.But we also make sure it’s a fun experience! Every session includes professional hair and makeup so you will look incredible. We are so confident you will love your photos, we even have a 100% money-back guarantee. 

#3: Do You Want To Give Your Fiancé A Gift They Will Cherish Forever?

Forget the cufflinks!! Imagine the look on your fiancé’s face when you surprise them with a custom-designed album filled with sexy photos of you! I’m sure your significant other thinks you’re beautiful even when you’re just lounging around in sweatpants.  Imagine how surprised they’ll be to see you professionally made up wearing lingerie!  

For brides, we also try to include an item of theirs into the shoot like a favorite team jersey or work shirt to make the album even more meaningful. Bridal boudoir albums are the ultimate personal wedding gift and the idea of having an intimate secret with you and your other half is what makes it even more special.  


Here are a few testimonials from some of our recent brides:

I asked my friend what a ‘good for the groom’ gift would be, she told me, “You want a gift that is special that will make him remember why he married you (20 years from now)”.  And so, I booked with Kellie and had the best experience!  I had my session earlier this week and approved my album proof today!  Can’t wait to receive it and give it to him on our wedding morning.

“My fiance was absolutely speechless and over the moon with his present. We actually decided to exchange our gifts the night before and I’m so glad we did….his reaction was priceless. Thanks again for the best present ever!!”

A bridal boudoir is more than creating a book of stunning images; it’s an experience that will change your life for the better! 

Boudoir is all we do and promise it will be an amazing, fun, and relaxed experience.

Contact us today if you’re ready to celebrate YOU and feel empowered.