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Top 10 Guide to Preparing for the Perfect Boudoir Session

Preparation is the key to success and that especially holds true for your Boudoir Photo Session.  All clients are nervous about what will happen during their session.  It’s probably the first time you’ve done anything like it so it’s important to feel like you are as ready as you can be.  Here’s my Top 10 list of how to make the most out of your session


A woman in pink lingerie gracefully reclining on a chair, preparing for a boudoir photo shoot.

DON’T STRESS ABOUT YOUR BODY -The biggest mistake I see clients make is stressing about their bodies before a session.  Boudoir is about embracing how you look now and celebrating yourself.  Trying to lose 5 pounds the week before your session is stressful and won’t make any difference in how amazing your photos turn out.   I have worked with all different body types and have a lot of experience with posing.  As a woman myself I know how easy it is to pick apart every aspect of your appearance but I assure you that you will leave my studio feeling awesome about yourself!

 FACE GROOMING– My makeup artists will create the perfect look for you but it helps to start with a good foundation.  I recommend brows be plucked and shaped and any face waxing or threading be done at least a few days prior to your session.  Skin breakouts are a fact of life and I can easily erase these in the computer so don’t pick blemishes.

A woman in lingerie sitting on a yellow couch, preparing for a boudoir photo shoot.

BUY RIGHT-The way your lingerie fits will have a huge impact on your photo shoot and ill-fitting lingerie is not a confidence booster. If you feel awkward in it, it may translate that way on camera – and we definitely don’t want that.

The better you feel, the better you’ll look.  You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on outfits for your session.  Sweaters, leather jackets, and other favorite clothing items can also be used to make super sexy images. 

Sites like and and offer a selection of affordable outfits.  If you are looking for superb customer service and help with fitting I highly recommend local boutique shops like or

HAIR CARE– Be sure to consider retouching color as dark roots are very visible in photos.  If you are interested in switching up your look I encourage purchasing a fun wig on a site like   Keep in mind that for photos a wig doesn’t have to be high quality to look great

NAILS– Hands are prominent in photos so nails should at least be clean.   Polish should not be chipped.

REST– Being a supermodel is hard work.  I recommend staying hydrated and avoiding alcohol the day before your session.  Getting a good night’s rest is great to ensure you look your best.  Photoshop can’t fix tired!

EAT Being a supermodel is harder than it looks.  I encourage clients to eat before the session.  Skipping breakfast won’t make you look any skinnier!

READY TO GO– Have your bag packed the night before so you aren’t stressing the day of the shoot.  Don’t forget accessories like jewelry and shoes.

MAP IT– Driving in DC is crazy.  Be sure to plug in the studio address to your GPS or WAZE app earlier to see the actual driving time.  Nothing feels worse than stressing about not making your session on time.

TRUST– Trust that you are in great hands.  I know a boudoir shoot is a once in a lifetime investment and I want to make sure it’s the best experience for my clients.  Feeling confident in yourself and in me will ensure that you have beautiful photos that you can cherish for a lifetime.

I hope this short list will help you make the most of your session.  I can’t wait for you to experience a boudoir session!