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Boudoir Studio Sets For Every Body

Boudoir Studio Sets For Every Body

As a small private studio, I give a lot of consideration to our set options when thinking about adding new items. The newest addition to the studio is the teal chaise.  It’s such a beautiful color and flattering for every client.   I love the glamour of velvet and jewel tones in the studio and it’s easy to change up the looks of my set with different furs and pillows.   It’s also comfortable and big enough to lay down in which is flattering for all women.

Other sets in the studio include the gold couch and of course the bed.  This year I also added the mirror which is another fun addition and includes a variety of sexy boudoir poses to showcase your front and back at the same time. Having variety in looks and sets provides a good selection of images for clients that are designing albums to give as gifts or even to just keep for themselves.

Lingerie That Matches The Boudoir Studio Sets

We offer a lot of guidance for what to wear keeping in mind the studio sets. Jewel tones are our favorite as the colors really pop and add interest to the photos. Of course, we never say no to black which is always a staple of most lingerie collections. We just ask that not every outfit a client brings be black! Of course, for topless sets like the one above clients only need a cute panty or we just use the sheet to cover as needed to create those super sexy implied nudity poses.

And lastly, don’t forget our special props which can be included in any session free of charge. These include our pink or black angel wings and the faux shower set up.