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Body Positivity And Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography Is A Great Way To Boost Confidence & Encourage Body Positivity

Body positivity is an important movement that advocates for the acceptance of all body types and sizes, and encourages us to love and embrace our bodies. This is particularly important for women, who often face societal pressure to conform to certain standards of beauty and body size.

It’s important to remember that every person’s body is unique and beautiful in its own way, and that there is no one “ideal” body type that everyone should strive for. It’s okay to have different shapes, sizes, and features, and it’s important to celebrate and appreciate our own bodies just as they are.  I truly believe this is what boudoir is all about!  Learning to love and appreciate the body that you have, to see it’s unique beauty and individuality.

As the New Year approaches it is important to have realistic goals for yourself.  In the spirit of body positivity I’ve listed a few attainable goals to consider.

  1. Practice self-compassion: Try to be kind and understanding towards yourself, especially when it comes to your appearance. Remember that everyone has flaws and that no one is perfect.

  2. Ditch the diet mentality: Instead of constantly trying to change your body, focus on nourishing it with a balanced and varied diet that makes you feel good.

  3. Celebrate your body: Take time to appreciate your body and all that it does for you. This could include focusing on your strengths and abilities, rather than just your appearance.

  4. Surround yourself with positive influences: Seek out supportive and body-positive communities online or in person, and limit your exposure to harmful media messages that promote negative body image.

It can be challenging to cultivate a positive body image, especially in a society that often promotes negative messages about body size and appearance. Engaging in self care practices is something I firmly believe goes a long way to helping us appreciate and respect our bodies more.   Doing a boudoir session is just one step women can take in their journey of self love and self care.  It won’t erase a lifetime of  negative thinking and self abuse.   I encourage women to seek professional help if you are struggling with negative body image/body dismorphia or an eating disorder. 

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Happy New Year!!

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