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You’re Never Too Old For A Boudoir Photo Shoot

You're Never Too Old For A Boudoir Photo Shoot

There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about boudoir.  One of the biggest ones is that boudoir is only for young women.  This is absolutely not true!  In actuality,  more than half of my clients are over the age of 40!  I think as women we spend a large amount of our youth worrying about how we look and obsessing about our bodies (at least I know I did).  I look back on photos of myself at 30 and wonder “what the heck was I thinking? I was hot!”.  In hindsight is seems now like such a waste of so much of my life to have worried that my arms might be fat (they weren’t).


Now that I’m over 50 I feel the most comfortable with my body I ever have, even if it’s not that rocking hot 30 year old body from 20 years ago.  Boudoir is all about confidence and embracing the body you have and no one does that better than my mature clientele.  They just don’t worry as much about every little thing and it shows in their photos.


A woman in black lingerie poses gracefully in a hammock for boudoir photography.


Boudoir is also about investing in yourself and doing something just for you.  I find my 40+ clients have lived pretty full lives.  They’ve raised kids and built careers.  They’ve been married and some are divorced and starting out again on their own.  Again, these experiences bring something special to the boudoir session.  They are ready to do something just for themselves!  They are ready to be pampered and to feel special.  When my older clients see their photos there is always a moment of disbelief.  I think they forgot that they are beautiful women and seeing themselves through my camera lens often illicits tears of joy.  That is what I love about being a boudoir photographer!