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Captured at Alexandria on 6, January, 2021, by Kellie Frye Photography

Boudoir After Having A Baby

Boudoir For New Moms

A woman lying on a bed.

Why I decided to do a boudoir session?
I decided to do a boudoir session to regain my confidence back. I had lost my way a bit and wanted to do something for me after having another child as well.

Why did you choose Kellie Frye Photography?
She is so warm, loves what she does and you can tell that just by chatting with her on the phone. From the very first phone call she made me feel great and I knew I could trust her with the process to make me feel beautiful and to capture what I wanted.

A woman lying on a couch.

How I felt before the session?
I almost called her two days before to tell her I wanted to cancel. I had received my outfits in the mail and tried them on and just didn’t feel good in them. We conversed via email about it and she calmed my nerves for me.

What did you love about your session?
The whole package! From the moment you step into the studio you know it’s going to be a great experience. She’s so patient and walks you through absolutely everything.

How I felt after the session? Do you feel you have a better relationship with your body?
I felt wonderful after my session and got so many compliments on my hair and makeup while I was out and about. I have a better relationship with my body now yes and I can’t wait to maybe do a future session.

Anything else you’d like to share with other women? Any words of advice to someone who is nervous about boudoir?
If you are on the fence just do it! Chat with Kellie and let her guide you I promise you won’t be disappointed. I shared my photos with just a few close friends and they were blown away with how amazing they were and how I looked!

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