A Typical Boudoir Session

I wanted to post an entire boudoir session so future clients might have an idea what they can expect if they book a session.  A standard boudoir session includes two outfit changes as well as a nude or an implied look (like with a sheet or using curtains in the studio) depending on your comfort level.  This three look session ensures a lot of variety in photos while making sure clients don’t wear out.  Being a super model is harder than it looks!  All sessions begin with an hour of pampering by my hair and makeup stylists.  This is a chance for you to relax and calm any nerves you may have about the session.

The first look we shoot is a “glamour” look with your favorite dress or something sparkly from the studio.  Shooting a few glamour shots allows clients to loosen up a bit as well as practice some standard posing and smiling.  I always provide a lot of posing directions and will make sure you look amazing.  The boudoir session itself goes by quicker than you would think and always ends with the implied nudity look.  Usually by this time the client has been transformed into a boudoir diva with little concern for modesty.  It’s a fun transformation to watch behind the camera and one of the best parts of being a boudoir photographer.  Thank you to the lovely Casey for sharing her images with others!