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The Boudoir Session Start To Finish: How To Prepare For Your Shoot

The Boudoir Session Start To Finish: How To Prepare For Your Shoot

The day of your shoot has finally arrived and you might be wondering what exactly will be happening for the next 3 hours. We like to provide our clients enough information to make sure they feel prepared and ready on shoot day. So instead of feeling nervous, our clients arrive at the studio excited and ready to go.

The first thing we do when you arrive is to set out your outfits in the dressing room. 

Seeing everything you brought with you laid out will give us an idea of how to plan the shoot ahead. We have a variety of sets in the studio and match up your looks to pair well with each set. For example, the teal chaise works well with a bright color like red or a complimentary hue like green. It also features some great full length shots from behind so having lingerie with some good detail on the butt is perfect for this set. 

The next step is to get you in the beauty chair. 

The next hour is a pampering makeover by the team at Beauty Art District. If you have saved some photos for inspiration, the team can look them over to ensure you have a look that you love. If you have no idea, no problem! The team are true professionals and will work their magic. s a final touch, every client gets lashes!  I promise, when you see the finished look in the mirror, you will be amazed!

The final step is the shoot. 

The beauty team will have packed up and left. From this point on, it will just be you and Kellie for the next couple of hours.  Kellie will shoot each of your looks on each set making sure to get all of those favorite shots that clients love. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to look sexy or pose –– she will guide you every step of the way!

Did you know that hands are actually the hardest things to pose in a photograph? Details like this are why you hired a professional photographer! And Kellie will make sure those toes are pointed and hands are relaxed. Kellie also will show you the pose first to give you an idea of how to get started and then tweak each pose a bit to create a variety of looks.

A woman in lingerie laying on a bed.
A woman in red lingerie laying on a bed.
A woman lying on a bed.

Now you’ve done the shoot, what next?  Same Day Viewing & Ordering!

Following a lunch break you will return to the studio to see the photos from your session.  We’ll select your favorites and look over the studio sample albums the same day.  We’ll be able to design and order your album in just a few days.

The viewing takes about an hour.  You’ll see about 100-150 lightly retouched photos to choose from. You only buy the photos you love! Kellie will put any final edits on your selections and custom design your album layout. 

“Kellie truly has super powers! She easily accomplished me feeling like a super model not to mention boosted my self confidence through the roof! She’s amazing at knowing exactly how to make you look your very best in each photo. I highly recommend her for taking classy, beautiful and sexy photos that will last you a lifetime! I’m so grateful to have found her to assist with my self celebration!I felt so comfortable that I will definitely be going back by the end of this year for another all nude naughty photo session!”-Daveka

A woman lying on a bed.

So, that’s the process from start to finish! We promise you are in good hands every step of the way. If you have questions or would like to learn more about our boudoir sessions please reach out. You can contact us through the website at or call 703-661-9171 anytime.  

We look forward to hearing from you!