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Why You Need A Professional Photographer For Boudoir Photos

Why You Need A Professional Photographer For Boudoir Photos

It does seem at first that the cell phone would have put boudoir photographers out of business. After all, how hard could it be to get some good nudie pics of yourself that you could share with that special someone? Well, as it turns out, it’s way harder than it looks! A lot of factors go in to creating stunning boudoir imagery. A professional boudoir photographer knows all the secret ingredients to create those beautiful photos you see on Pinterest and Instagram. Listed below are a few crucial ingredients…

  • Clothing that fits: Before clients even arrive at my studio we have discussed the best options for lingerie that suits their body type. Lingerie should fit well in the right areas like breast support and straps that don’t dig into your skin. Bodysuits are perfect for clients that don’t love their stomachs.  We love lacy boy shorts and bottoms over thongs which don’t flatter most women.  The point is a professional can steer clients to the best online stores and local shops for really great lingerie options. 
  • Beautiful Hair & Makeup: Professional hair and makeup application helps clients feel beautiful and confident which translates to hot sexy photos. Makeup for boudoir is a little different in that your face tone needs to blend well with your body since in many images there’s a lot of your body showing!
  • Lighting: Using light to shape the body is a key factor in boudoir photography. The light source must be correct for clients skin. Dark dramatic lighting may work great on a wrinkle free 25 year old but isn’t always the best choice for  a woman over 60. Using shadows to create or minimize curves is part of that special professional photographer recipe. It’s almost impossible to do much with lighting when you try to DIY.
  • Posing:  Knowing the way to place each part of your body is something that just comes with experience. A good boudoir photographer will know exactly how to pose clients to accentuate curves and hide problem spots. Sometimes just a hand placed awkwardly can change a photo. If you’ve ever tried to make sexy faces in the mirror you know it’s difficult. A professional photographer can tease out those great expressions when you don’t even realize it’s happening.
  • Retouching:  I’ll add retouching here although many photographers don’t offer retouching services for their boudoir clients. I personally feel we wear makeup and dye our hair to improve our appearance and retouching is sort of like that. It enhances what is already there. I think this is the final “secret sauce” that gives photos that WOW factor. The level of retouching is something I discuss first with clients. Usually we remove stretch marks and cellulite but it is definitely up to the client.

I hope that helps explain why I think women should definitely consider hiring a pro for their boudoir photos. Of course if you want to take a few selfies in the nude just remember, keep that chin out and turn to the side with elbows back to create those flattering curves! xoxo Kellie

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