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Woman Does Boudoir Photoshoot Without Lingerie

I love lingerie but it’s not necessary for super sexy boudoir photos.  When clients book a boudoir session in our Alexandria Virginia studio, we provide an extensive guide to help clients shop for items that are right for their body types.  We are also working on building a client wardrobe for items that we know will look good on all women of various shapes and sizes.  As much as I love a lacy bodysuit, it’s just as great to shoot in everyday items like shirts and sweaters.

If clients are doing a boudoir session for someone else as a gift I encourage them to bring a favorite clothing item of theirs.  Sometimes this is a sports jersey or favorite button up.  Although the fit is usually too big, it’s easy to make it work with the right posing.  Oversize sweater with long socks is also a fun casual look in the boudoir studio.  The following image gallery really showcases how amazing just simple clothing items can be.  So when you are considering what to bring to your session don’t forget these everyday items that you already own!