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The Female Body Is A Monument

A woman is reclining on a blue pillow for her Northern Virginia boudoir photography session.

As a boudoir photographer I am very aware of the struggles women have with the way they feel about their bodies. Years of conditioning from media has told us what beautiful looks like and it’s not our flabby arms and cellulite riddled butts. The thing is, those things could be considered beautiful if we wanted them to be. We decide what is beautiful! Trends are slowly changing that tell women you must be a certain weight with a certain hair type to be considered gorgeous. Social media has opened the door to inclusivity which I strongly feel will start to shift opinions about how we view ourselves. One thing I know for certain and that is…looking at your physical self and finding fault is very destructive to your mental health. It’s no way to live your life. That’s why when I have a client that is changed in just the smallest way from a boudoir session I rejoice. This is what boudoir is all about and I’m so grateful that following my passion can actually bring something positive to someone else.


Here’s a testimonial from Veronica that I wanted to share as an example.

We should embrace how amazing our bodies are. There’s a difference between a want and a need. However, in this case, one greatly influenced the other. I wanted to do this shoot. I chose to do this shoot. But also, I needed to do this shoot. In order to see my growth. My potential. My beauty. The way others do. We are truly our worst critics. You see, I’ve struggled with bulimia since the age of 9. I avoid mirrors. I avoid scales. I typically don’t like people taking full body photos of me. I desire full control over the camera and the lens. So, this shoot has been huge! Not just for myself but my mental health. I handed off the baton to someone. I gave up control for the first time in years. And in turn, she captured me beautifully. The female body is a monument, it is sacred, and it is okay to show it off.
Thank you, Kellie Frye Photography-Premier Boudoir 💕