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Boudoir Is More Than Just Lingerie Photos

If you ask most people what Boudoir Photography is they will probably tell you it’s about photographing women in lingerie.

Of course, it’s about so much more. Boudoir is a special niche of photography that requires a bit more than the average portrait session. It also is more than just taking pictures, it’s creating how clients want to be remembered.

As a boudoir photographer I know my clients have to trust me in a short period of time so they can express themselves fully. As a female photographer I do have an advantage that the first hurdle of feeling safe in the studio is met. However, I work hard to build trust with my clients through transparency and authenticity. I’m also a real woman with a full understanding of the challenge of being body image positive.

I know clients come to me with past experiences, a world of history, and a bunch of nerves and all those shape the boudoir experience. For the most successful boudoir images I know it’s vital to provide a space where each woman can break through her comfort zone allowing her to recognize her individual beauty, honor her body, and celebrate her femininity.

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