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She Survived Breast Cancer

Over the last year I have photographed many women affected by breast cancer. Some are women that are survivors and some are women starting their journey that want to have photographs of their bodies before surgery and chemo. Moira came to the studio 4 years after her battle with cancer and a double mastectomy. In her own words she lost more than just her breasts and her hair….she lost her feminity. I was so honored to be able to help her see herself in a new way.Her story was really incredible and one all women should take something away from. A breast self exam revealed a lump and although she was young and it wasn’t in a usual spot she pursued medical treatment right away. Persisting when the doctors where doubtful and waiting all day for an ultrasound because she knew something wasn’t right. If she hasn’t been strong willed and determined she might have lost her battle.Instead she’s a survivor. She was the first client in the studio to wear the angel wings which seemed like they were made just for her. As Breast Cancer Awareness month comes to an end I hope women will continue to remember to do their self exams and get mammograms as recommended.