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The #1 Concern Our Clients Have About Doing A Boudoir Session

Two photos of a woman reclining on a bed for Northern Virginia Boudoir Photography.

The #1 Concern Our Clients Have About Doing A Boudoir Session

When clients book a session with my studio I know that most of them have no idea what to expect.  I’ve been focused solely on boudoir for over 5 years and I guarantee I know pretty much all the questions clients will have.  I try to address all of those questions and concerns with a series of emails leading up to the day of the session. 

Sometimes, before I can send out my “What’s Got You Worried?” email (that will cover all those anxieties, like I just got a zit or I have my period) I sometimes get the panic email. Here’s an example:

“I am looking at your photos online and really struggling to see how I’m going to look good.   I have cellulite and a tummy, lots of little scars and moles and everyone in your photos looks like they work out and have no flaws.   I am actually getting quite freaked out at how I’m going to appear.”

I have photographed hundreds of women in my boudoir studio and I can almost 100% guarantee that you will love your photos.  My clients are real women with real bodies that come in a range of sizes.  Clients have scars, cellulite, and maybe made some bad tattoo decisions in the past.  None of that will prevent me from showcasing your unique beauty.  There are some tricks of the trade (lighting and posing) which is why you hired a professional photographer in the first place.  But more important than technical abilities is the ability to help clients feel comfortable in the studi0.  Not feeling nervous is a huge step to getting sensual, flirty, and just plain WOW images from your photo session.

So stop worrying that you won’t look as good as the ladies featured on my website or IG.  I promise you will.  

I’d love to give you more information about doing a session with me.  If you’re ready to learn more just reach out!  or text/call 703-661-9171.