Top 3 Boudoir Poses For All Body Types

I say it all the time because it’s true….boudoir photography is for women of all ages and sizes!  Over the years of shooting women I have learned what poses work and what don’t for all women.  Posing clients and utilizing lighting is a secret weapon to create gorgeous photos that my clients love.  I have a wide range of set ups in the boudoir studio but I do love these 3 core  Boudoir Poses that I know will flatter every woman and that I know my clients will love.  Shooting these poses from different angles and with different focal lengths of my camera ensures that my clients have a wide range of images to choose from when we are designing their boudoir albums or wall art arrangements.  So here we go….the Top 3 Boudoir Poses!


  1. The Classic Couch Pose-  This pose shows off curves and legs and works with skinny to plus size clients.
  2.  The Classic Boudoir Bed Pose.  Most women love this pose because it can be sexy with only a sheet and it hides problem areas like the stomach.  It is also a fun pose to show off shoes!  We love red bottoms in the studio and have a selection in most sizes.

    3.  Laying On Your Back Looking Up-  This pose is great towards the end of the session when clients are feeling sexy and are no longer nervous.  This is usually when I get the best expressions plus it’s an easy pose to do.  I’ll mix things up a bit with arm placement but the core pose is the same.

So that’s just the beginning of the options we offer in the studio for great poses.  I know a primary concern for clients booking sessions is that they don’t know what to do.  I guarantee you that I’ve never had a client walk through the door of the studio know exactly how to pose.  Directing clients into flattering poses is pretty much 80% of my job and is the reason hiring a professional photographer is important!!!  From start to finish I promise to keep an eye on all the details like your outfit, hands, chin, and expression to make sure the combination of all of those things come together to show off the masterpiece you are! 

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