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Boudoir Photo Shoot: Change Your Narrative

Boudoir Photo Shoot: Change Your Narrative

A woman in a purple linger suit posing on a bed for Northern Virginia Boudoir Photography.

There are a lot of reasons women decide to do a boudoir photo shoot. For some it’s to celebrate a milestone event in their lives like a divorce or a large weight loss. For others it’s a chance to do something special to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or wedding. A lot of women decide to do boudoir to gift to a significant other or just for themselves so that they can look back in forty years and remember how hot they were.

Whatever the initial push is, I know without a doubt, that doing a boudoir photo shoot has improved many women’s lives in some way. It may seem somewhat melodramatic to say that stripping down to lingerie in front of a photographer can be so life changing but I truly feel that doing a boudoir session really does change the women that come through my studio doors.


I think it has to do a little bit with conquering fears about making yourself vulnerable. The idea that your body, the one you’ve looked at your entire life and had mixed feelings about, is going to be on display for someone else you barely know is a terrifying thought. However, if you trust your photographer and believe that they will pose you expertly and make you feel safe and comfortable the idea becomes less terrifying and actually seems sort of exciting and adventurous. What ends up happening is what a lot of boudoir photographers call “empowerment”.

Empowerment is the feeling you get when take control of something in your life. In the case of empowerment through boudoir photography, it’s about the power you feel when you change your perspective about yourself and your body. It’s an amazing feeling and it’s this empowerment that I feel every woman should experience. Every woman has the ability to change the narrative of how they feel about themselves and their bodies. It’s my job to help they see how easy it is to do so!

A recent client Kristen had this to say about her boudoir photo shoot experience “Kellie did a fantastic job with my boudoir photos – she and her staff are professional and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. When I saw my photos for the first time, I was shocked – I didn’t know I could look like that! So empowering and an experience any woman should gift to herself. I highly recommend Kellie!”