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A Boudoir Session In My Studio

What A Typical Boudoir Session Looks Like In My Alexandria Virginia Studio

Boudoir is my specialty and the only type of photography that I do in my studio.   Over the many years I’ve been a boudoir photographer I’ve fine tuned my posing flow which allows me to capture a great variety of images in the 2 hours we shoot in the studio.  This flow may be tweaked a little depending on client mobility and flexibility but it is essentially the same for all clients.  I’ve chosen flattering poses that work with all body types and after 1,000 photo viewings I have a pretty good idea of what clients want to purchase.

I love the creative freedom that boudoir offers.  I am always exploring new techniques and styles and will throw in a few new poses each session.  If I end up creating an amazing image, that pose will stay in the lineup.  This is how I’ve developed a system that allows me to show clients about 150 gorgeous images at the photo viewing only a few hours after the session (and a quick lunch break). 

Below is a sample of images from a recent session.  These are the 30 images the client selected to purchase (minus some private nudes I won’t share per her request).  I hope it gives you an idea of what your images would look like if you do work with me.  

Please reach out anytime if you’d like more information about booking your own session  Call:Text 703-661-9171 or fill out the contact form here on the website